Comparative Study of Education System Annual/ Semester


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Higher education is the apex layer of the formal education system which plays a major role to formalize, structure, and theorize knowledge. education system all over the world has never been consistent over the year. Through advancement and exposure to new concepts, educationists investigate possibilities to teach text in student-centred strategies in feasible manners. The education system of the universities is divided into two types which are annual and semester respectively. It examines the student performance every six months.

Both systems have merits and demerits. Annual is a traditional system of education it covers more syllabuses at a stretch and compels the students to remember all by the end of the year. In the semester system students get more advantages therefore what is studied will remain fresh in their minds. The syllabus load will also be less. Students also get chances to improve themselves. The semester is the need of an hour and a very effective one.

The semester system provides an opportunity for students to polish their selves to a great extent through the presentations, mid-term examinations, group discussions, and practices of the semester system and annual system faculty of education.

The traditional annual system has been considered an outdated system in the global context of the higher education system. The semester system introduced in the subject programs is much different in implementation compared to the annual system. The semester system has been carried out with high effort, commitment, and management at the institutional level. It has managed specific administrative subsystems to supply additional services like photocopy, and management of multimedia, they have introduced multi-media-based teaching learning strategies. They are useful for campus authorities and teachers for the fourth coming large-scale implementation of the semester system respectively.

In the annual system, students are accountable for their learning throughout the year. Which encourages a sense of responsibility and reduces stress?  the semester system which is a condensed structure makes it easier for students to indulge in unethical practices, the annual system provides an extended period for in-depth learning providing students with a deeper understanding of subjects and reducing the risk of stress. The semester system has more time constraints leading to superficial learning. In a semester education system, the academic year is divided into two semesters, with final examinations held at the end of each semester. The condensed timeframe can lead to more focused and intensive study periods.

A quality education-providing institute always proves to be a model for modern civil society. Pakistan has an inherited educational system from the British, since independence most of the universities of Pakistan have been operating under the principles and methods of an annual education system although some of them have switched over the annual to semester system.

Gomel University D.I Khan is operating its M.A. English classes under the term system. The annual system is a traditional system that gives ample chances of two years to understand and grasp concepts and sit for a comprehensive exam at the end of each year this exam predominantly is subjective and comprehensive.

In many countries especially in the West the annual system is called a tuition assistance program even in British universities the annual system existed fifty years ago.

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